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How do you prevent fleas and tricks ?

To control fleas and ticks you have to treat both the pet and the environment (your house and your yard). Frontline Plus is the best monthly treatment for your pet because it is the only treatment out there that kills flea eggs and larvae in addition to killing adult fleas. It is also quite waterproof and maintains its strength better than its competitors over the course of the month. If you have an infestation it is best to treat your house and yard yourself or have a professional treat them two times at a two week interval to wipe out the life cycle of the pests.

What are Dental cleanings for ?

Dental cleanings for animals are just like the dental cleanings that people get once or twice a year. We scrape the teeth and under the gum line to remove tartar and then polish the teeth smooth and apply fluoride as well as another protective product called Oravet. Because pets do not brush and floss daily like people do, they get a thick buildup of tartar and bacteria that can lead to gum disease, abscesses and even more dangerous and potentially life threatening problems such as kidney failure, heart disease, spinal cord disease and strokes.

How many times & how much a day should I feed my dog ?

It is best to feed your pet twice daily for better health of the digestive system. A good rule of thumb for the amount to feed is one cup or one can (or combination thereof) for each 20 pounds of body weight divided into two meals a day.

Why are vaccinations for cats and dogs important ?

Vaccines protect animals against contagious diseases that can cause serious and sometimes fatal diseases. Because of vaccines many Americans live without fear of terrible diseases such as polio, tuberculosis, and others. The same is true of our pets. Because rabies is a very fatal disease that people can get as well as animals, there is a law requiring that all pets be vaccinated against the rabies virus yearly or every three years if a vaccine approved for three years is used. There are many other diseases that are more commonplace in the environment that can cause harm to your pet such as distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and bordetella. We recommend vaccinating your pet against these pets using the purest annual (not three year) vaccines available to both protect your pet and avoid potential reactions.

Why are heartworm tests necessary?

Heartworm preventatives are very important to protect your pet from a potentially fatal disease that is epidemic in our area. The manufacturer recommends yearly testing to make sure your pet did not catch this disease for some reason (the pet spit out or vomited the monthly preventative or the pet owner forgot to give the preventative). If you use our recommended preventative, Heartguard, and have purchased it regularly from an approved source (your veterinarian) and therefore can get records to show this, the manufacturer will pay for any treatment of heartworms as well as hookworms and roundworms if your pet should test positive. The manufacturer can confidently offer this guarantee because Heartguard works so well to protect your pet.
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